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Masque of Courtly Love: Finding Nirvana

January 21, 2023
Grace Fellowship
6282 Nave St SW, Canton, OH 44706
Adult Day Member Discount Registration: $12.00
Adult Day Registration: $17.00
Child Day Registration 12-17: $8.00
Youth Day Registration 0-11: Free
Family Cap Member Discount Registration: $32.00

Feast Adult $15.00
Feast Children 12-17 $8.00

Lunch tavern (subject to change without notice) $8.00 Jacket Potatoes with toppings, Salad bar, vegetarian and meat chili and assorted $1.00 beverages.

Indoor space is limited, please no large day camps.

PRE-REGISTRATION is now closed

2023 Masque Staff:
Event Stewards: Lady Gisla Hrefnudottir and Baroness Francesca de Onorati

Gate: Lord Gogan ap Gryffry

Class Coordinator: Mistress Catriona nicHugh McClaey

Feastocrat: Lady Genovefa da Terranova

Feast Hall Steward: Lena Krieger

Public Works Lead: Kenneth

Merchantcrat: Finna

Combat List MIC: Sir Wigthegn the Younger

Rapier List MIC: Warder Vladimir Grigorovich D'ragoun

Website and Social Media: Baintighearn Deirdre MakKyneth

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